End to Summer Break: Emily Erlod Photography - Winston Salem Family Photographer

August 19, 2016

Wow! Seems like yesterday we were counting days for school to get out and now we are counting the days for school to start (or at least a few in my house are). While I am not ready for the early mornings & homework, I think we are all ready for a little structure and maybe even a break or two from each other. It won't last long and we will be counting down until the next break! :-)

Every Summer I think gets better with age. I know one day it will stop and I'll long for the days that the kids beg for me to play with them 24 hrs a day. But this year....the Pool was fantastic. I can actually sit in a chair on the adult side of the pool or really any side of the pool. I can actually talk to adults. Don't get me wrong, they interrupt me for snacks but they also let me sit and I don't have to worry as much about if they can swim or not. I can read a magazine or book! Finally I have moved up in the world. We also could go on bike rides with no training wheels slowing us down. We rode for miles, went shopping and rode back home with NO Tears! We not did travel this year much because we had camps but we did manage to make it to the Lake with friends and the beach with family! But we also enjoyed being home.

How can my kids be in 1st and 3rd grade? The saying babies don't keep is true! I feel like I blinked and the toddler stage was gone. Not too much complaining about that, but I do miss those baby smells and kisses. :-)

So we will enjoy our last few days before school starts and then we will look forward to football and fall!

Happy End to Summer Break my friends!